1605 - Historical Events that happened in the Year 1605
1605 - Historical Events that happened in the Year 1605

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1605 - Historical Events that happened in the Year 1605

January 1,1605 - The Queen's Revels Children perform George Chapman's All Fools at the court of King James I of England.

January 6,1605 - The first performance of The Masque of Blackness at the Banqueting Hall, Whitehall Palace. The cast included Lady Mary Wroth and Penelope Rich.

January 7,1605 - The King's Men perform Shakespeare's Henry V at court.

January 8,1605 - Ben Jonson's Every Man Out of His Humour is performed at court by the King's Men.

January (between the 9th and 14th) 1605 - King's Men perform Love's Labor's Lost before Queen Anne.

February 2,1605 - The King's Men give a repeat performance of Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humour at court.

February 10 and February 12, 1605- Performances of The Merchant of Venice are given at court.

April 1,1605 - Pope Leo XI succeeds Pope Clement VIII as the 232nd pope.

April 13,1605 - Tsar Boris Godunov dies; Feodor II accedes to the Russian throne.

April 16,1605 - In England, John Winthrop, later governor of the future Massachusetts Bay Colony, marries his first wife (of 4), Mary Forth, daughter of John Forth, of Great Stambridge, Essex.

May 16,1605 - Pope Paul V succeeds Pope Leo XI as the 233rd pope, making 1605 the last Year of Three Popes until 1978.

May 30,1605 - John Spottiswoode becomes a member of the Scottish privy council.

June 1,1605 - Russian troops in Moscow imprison Feodor II and his mother, later executing them.

June 20,1605 - Pretender Dmitri and his supporters march to Moscow; he is crowned the next month.

July 21,1605 - Pretender Dmitri is officially crowned Tsar Dmitri II.

August 27 - August 30, 1605 - King James I of England, Queen Anne of England and their son Prince Henry of England visit Gentlemen from St. John's and Christ Church and Oxford University colleges where the royals are entertained with a series of plays. The big hit of the Royal visit is Samuel Daniel's The Queen's Arcadia. (Matthew Gwinne's Latin play Vertumnus puts James to sleep.)

September 27,1605 - Battle of Kircholm: Swedish armies are defeated by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

October 1605 - In Strassburg, the world's first newspaper is published by Johann Carolus.

October 27,1605 - Spanish troops of General Spinola occupy Wachtendonk.

November 3,1605 - Jahangir begins his 22-year reign of the Mughal Empire. November 5,1605 - Gunpowder Plot: A plot by to blow up the English Houses of Parliament is foiled when Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, discovers Guy Fawkes in a cellar below the Parliament building and orders a search of the area (records show that 36 barrels of gunpowder was discovered and Guy Fawkes was arrested for trying to assassinate King James I of England and the Parliament members who were scheduled to sit together in Parliament the next day).

Date Unknown

Of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Humane is published by Francis Bacon

Polish troops occupy Moscow.

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia adopts the Gregorian calendar.

Shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu, abdicates becoming Ogosho. Tokugawa Ieyasu's son Tokugawa Hidetada succeeds him to the office of Shogun of Japan.

The crew of the British ship Olive become the first English visitors to Barbados.

French Huguenot refugees settle in Waterford, Ireland and Dublin Ireland.

The Priory of St. Gregory's is founded at Douai ( known as Douay or Doway in English), in the country of Flanders, by Saint John Roberts, the church's first prior and other exiles. This was the first English Benedictine house to renew conventual life after the Reformation. More than two hundred years later the community will establish Downside Abbey back in England.

Dutch proto-newspaper, De Nieuwe Tijdinghen, is published.

The population of Central Mexico's Amerindian reaches one million.

A collected edition of Paracelsus's works is published by Johannes Huser of Waldkirch.

Ordination of Luis de Góngora as a priest.

After its lease expired The Rose theatre in London is abandoned

The Red Bull Theatre is constructed in Clerkenwell, London.

New books and plays published in 1605

Anonymous - Ratsey's Ghost

Johann Arndt publishes Vier Bücher vom wahren Christenthum (Four Books of True Christianity) (1605-1610).

Francis Bacon publishes The Advancement of Learning

The first half of Miguel de Cervantes's landmark novel Don Quixote ("El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha" or "The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha") - one of the earliest novels in the western literary tradition, is published and becomes Cervantes's first literary success.

Samuel Daniel publishes Certain Small Poems

John Davies of Hereford publishes Humours Heav'n on Earth

Pedro de Espinosa publishes Flores de poetas ilustres (anthology)

Melchior Goldast publishes Suevicarum rerum scriptores

The Fair Maid of Bristow is published

The First Part of Hieronimo is published

King Leir is published

The London Prodigal is published

Robert Armin et al. publish Fool upon Fool

George Chapman, Ben Jonson & John Marston publish and perform Eastward Hoe

George Chapman publishes All Fools

Henry Chettle & Thomas Heywood publish The Trial of Chivalry (published)

Samuel Daniel publishes The Queen's Arcadia

Thomas Dekker & John Webster publish Northward Ho

Thomas Heywood publishes If You Know Not Me, You Know Nobody

Ben Jonson is published

The Masque of Blackness is published

Sejanus is published

John Marston publishes The Dutch Courtesan

Samuel Rowley publishes When You See Me, You Know Me

Notable Births in the Year 1605

April 8,1605 - King Philip IV of Spain (died 1665)

April 18,1605 - Giacomo Carissimi, Italian composer (died 1674)

May 7,1605 - Patriarch Nikon, Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church (died 1681)

June 1605 - Thomas Randolph, English poet and dramatist (died 1635)

July 29,1605 - Simon Dach, Prussian lyrical poet and writer of hymns (died 1659)

August 1605 - Bulstrode Whitelocke, English lawyer and parliamentarian (died 1675)

August 8,1605 - Cæcilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore and colonial Governor of Maryland (died 1675)

August 18,1605 - Henry Hammond, English churchman (died 1660)

September 12,1605 - William Dugdale, English antiquarian author (died 1686)

September 28,1605 - Ismael Bullialdus, French astronomer (died 1694)

October 19,1605 - Sir Thomas Browne English physician, philosopher and non-fiction author (died 1682)

October 22,1605 - Frédéric Maurice de La Tour d'Auvergne, duc de Bouillon and prince of the independent principality of Sedan (died 1652)

November 1605 - François Combefis, Dominican patrologist (died 1679)

November 4,1605 - William Habington, English poet (died 1654)

December 23,1605 - Tianqi Emperor, Ming emperor of China (died 1627) Date Unknown

William Berkeley, governor of Virginia (died 1677)

John Gauden, English bishop and writer (died 1662)

Nectarius of Jerusalem, Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem (died 1680)

Dominik Aleksander Kazanowski, Polish nobleman (died 1648)

Thomas Nabbes, English dramatist (died circa 1645)

Afanasy Ordin-Nashchokin, Russian statesman (died 1680)

Brynjólfur Sveinsson, Icelandic bishop and scholar (died 1675)

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, French traveller and pioneer of trade with India (died 1689)

Francis Willoughby, 5th Baron Willoughby of Parham (died 1666)

Alexandra Mavrokordatou

John Gauden, possible author of the Eikon Basilike (died 1662)

William Habington, poet (died 1654)

Thomas Nabbes, dramatist (died circa 1645)

Sor Marcela de San Felix, illegitimate daughter of Lope de Vega (died 1687)

Notable Deaths in the Year 1605

February 19,1605 - Orazio Vecchi, Italian composer (born 1550)

March 5,1605 - Pope Clement VIII (born 1536)

March 26,1605 - Jakob Ayrer, dramatist(born circa 1543)

April 5,1605 - Adam Loftus, English Catholic archbishop (born circa 1533)

April 6,1605 - John Stow, English historian and antiquarian (born 1525)

April 13,1605 - Boris Godunov, Tsar of Russia (born 1551)

April 27,1605 - Pope Leo XI (born 1535)

May 1605 - Edward Lively, linguist (born 1545)

June 3,1605 - Jan Zamoyski, Polish nobleman (born 1542)

July 20,1605 - Tsar Feodor II of Russia (born 1589)

July 26,1605 - Rev. Fr. Miguel de Benavides, O.P., Spanish clergyman and sinologist (born 1552)

September 9,1605 - Heinrich Khunrath, philosopher (born circa 1560)

September 11,1605 - Sir Thomas Tresham, English politician (born 1550)

September 14,1605 - Jan Tarnowski, Archbishop of Kraków (born 1550)

September 23,1605 - Pontus de Tyard, French poet (born circa 1521)

September 24,1605 - Manuel Mendes, Portuguese composer (born 1547)

October 13,1605 - Theodore Beza, French Protestant theologian (born 1519)

October 15,1605 - Akbar, Mogul Emperor (born 1542)

November 8,1605 - Robert Catesby, English conspirator (born 1573)

November 10,1605 - Ulissi Aldrovandi, Italian naturalist (born 1522)

December 1605 - Francis Tresham, English conspirator (born 1567)

December 29,1605 - John Davis, English explorer (born 1550)

Date Unknown

Marek Sobieski, Polish nobleman (born 1549)

William Haughton, dramatist

Lodewijk Toeput, painter and poet (born circa 1550)

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